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27. Drive By (Silver) Stop an armored truck by taking out the driver. 27. Drive By (30) Stop an armored truck by taking out the driver. You can switch Billy Coen & Rebecca Chambers’s costumes out at any point. Additionally, you will have an excuse to try out your newly unlocked costumes. In order to gain access to the classic costumes, the ones from the original, you’ll have to beat the game first. Of course, bringing a classic game into the present day means improved tech and modern flourishes.

It is not a Resident Evil game without special costumes. 3. All Dressed Up (30) Purchase all available alternative costumes in Bonus Features. A handful of alternate costumes are available from the start. Those that are unsure can just right click on the game in Steam and press “verify file integrity”. That’s right – you can unlock the costume and wear it throughout the campaign, acting like you never left The Spencer Mansion all those years ago. Alongside Nemesis, the original Resident Evil 3 introduced a number of new features, including a unique dodge mechanic that, with just the right timing, could let you get out of the way of nearly any attack, and cutting-edge polygonal graphics mixed with fixed camera angles to create a sense of dread. The process for unlocking these alternate costumes in Resident Evil 2 is pretty simple.

Costumes can be selected in the Customize menu. These are updated takes on the classic attire, and they add a nice bit of familiarity to the experience. The Classic Costume Pack is available now! Step 2: Next, to unlock this Team Wesker costume in the regular game mode, you must beat “Wesker Mode”. In 4th Survivor Mode, you play as Hunk and Tofu; unfortunately, either of these characters is not available to play as, in the normal campaign.

Unfortunately, you can’t just play as Leon and Claire, but this is the next best thing. This is so great and the reveal on the State of Play was so clever! Can’t wait for this! But next year is so stacked. The weapon still costs 70,000 pts, so be sure to have a solid amount of money saved if you want to hit the ground running with it on the new game. You may have seen Daniel Fabron and his ability to control the Tyrant during the open beta for Project Resistance, but Annette has a different monster to unleash – William Birkin, mutated by the G-Virus.