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This Resident Evil 2 (2019) costume pack allows the male survivors (Tyrone, Samuel and Martin) to wear the outfit seen on rookie cop Leon S. Kennedy, and the female survivors (Valerie, January, Becca and Jill) to wear the outfit seen on Claire Redfield as she searched for her missing brother. They’ll be joining Samuel, January, Valerie, and Tyrone in their bid to escape from the clutches of Annette Birkin, one of multiple Masterminds with an array of traps and monsters at their disposal. Interesting how there are multiple ways to unlock things. Separate Ways is essential to understanding the whole narrative, though it is not available in the original GameCube release. If you pre-ordered either version of Resident Evil 3 ahead of its April release date, you received an exclusive Classic Costume Pack that includes Jill’s original outfit and Carlos’ original hairstyle. The Extra DLC Pack is a paid downloadable bundle of costumes, weapons, and more for the Resident Evil 2 game.

Find out what are the unlockable skins and outfits, how to get them, & more! Time to show you how to get all Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster outfits AKA skins! What Are Costumes & Skins? One way to get costumes is through the Extra DLC Pack. The prices for both pieces of DLC have not been announced yet. Best Buy, however, does have an exclusive bonus of its own: a metal steelbook case featuring Resident Evil 3 artwork on the exterior and interior. Still, if you wish to utilize this weapon, you have to beat the game and then you will be able to purchase it from the Merchant during the next playthrough. We recommend replacing the Handgun with it until you gain access to the Red9, which then should become your main pistol.

Players should then ensure that none of their PAK files in RE3 are modified. To run mods players just need to drag. There are other mods that make him look like characters from other franchises like Dante from Devil May Cry. Adding mods is always an excellent way to make Resident Evil 3 Remake a more fun and enjoyable experience. Learn about all the costumes items, how to get them and more in this guide!

Costumes do not affect gameplay. Offer no gameplay advantage. Once there, use the case to select & equip the costume you want to see during gameplay. 1. How do I Unlock (use) Costume Pack 1? Check out what’s inside the Resident Evil 2 Extra DLC Pack! Note: Costumes are also available in a complete pack please check previous purchases before buying. If you’re itching to get your copy or just want to know your options, check out Resident Evil 3’s two editions along with some launch day deals on the game below.