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The update itself is available to gamers beginning on February 15 as part of Resident Evil 2’s Ghost Survivors DLC, which itself is free to players. These polygonal costumes are not yet present in Resident Evil 2, but they are set to arrive via a free update to the game in the near future. A file in the village details a small game the merchant has set up for you. Evil seems to suggest that the costumes can just be unlocked by beating the game with each character (once with Jill to unlock first costume, twice to unlock second costume, and vice versa for Chris). One of the more basic ones makes him look like fan-favorite Resident Evil character Chris Redfield. In most guides I’ve found it says Real Survival doesn’t unlock until you beat Once More mode, but it unlocked immediately after a normal Chris playthrough for me.

Resident Evil 3 follows its predecessor by swinging the camera over Jill’s shoulder to put you dead-center in the horror that’s unfolding all around, while cutting-edge photogrammetry is used to scan in actors and create true-to-life performances – that includes scanning in real people for the zombies, too! Starting with the early days of the outbreak, you’ll follow Jill’s fight for survival as the population of the once-lively metropolis turns into hordes of undead. As it turns out, locating the zombified corpse of Brad Vickers in Resident Evil 2 doesn’t unlock new outfits like it did in the original game. Schoolgirl – You want her to make like a school girl? In this one, Leon looks like he is a gangster from the 1930s, the perfect compliment to the Chicago Typewriter. The Resistance DLC is the more exciting of the two, because it lets you dress up the whole game’s cast in the outfits from Resident Evil 2. You’ll be able to dress them up as either Claire Redfield, with her red jacket, or Leon Kennedy with his STARS outfit.

Separate Ways is essential to understanding the whole narrative, though it is not available in the original GameCube release. Nemesis, as something of an “upgrade” to the line of Bio Organic Weapons (B.O.W.s) that Tyrant hails from, was also a bit more intelligent and capable using weapons – even those who haven’t played the original game likely know he’s fond of rocket launchers. A variation of the Bio Organic Weapon (B.O.W.) series that the infamous Tyrant (who you may know as “Mr.

It is very considerate, especially in light of some of the really unforgiving unlockables in other games in the series. Most Resident Evil games have a Rocket Launcher. As previously touched upon, Resident Evil 2’s Deluxe Edition has several alternate costumes that are exclusive to the higher-end version of the game. As an added bonus, all pre-orders of the Standard or Collector’s Edition will include the Classic Costume Pack, which features costumes inspired by Jill and Carlos’ appearances from the original Resident Evil 3!