nemesis resident evil cosplay

You can order it now at the below retailers or directly from the PlayStation Store, Xbox Store, or Steam. Claire can dress up like a soldier with a camouflage bandana using the military outfit, or like Elza Walker, the person she was supposed to be in a scrapped prototype of the game. If you’re wondering how to dress up Leon and Clair, our Resident Evil 2 Remake costumes guide will show you how to unlock outfits. Alternative outfits are costumes in Resident Evil 2 Remake. In our Resident Evil 2 Remake Unlockables Guide, you will be able to learn everything about unlocking additional costumes for Claire, Leon and new game modes in Capcom’s RE2 Remake. After claiming your Classic Costume Pack code in the store of your gaming platform of choice, make sure you download the Classic Costume Pack onto your gaming system before starting Resident Evil 3 Remake itself.

Add some style to the Survivors with Leon and Claire paid costume DLC, coming to Resident Evil Resistance in August! These are updated takes on the classic attire, and they add a nice bit of familiarity to the experience. The shop features a bunch of other cool items we’d recommend saving up for such as exclusive melee weapons and firearms, although these are a tad more expensive. Long story short I downloaded pc ver of resident evil 1. The biggest issue is that unlockable costume for Jill is the same as in ps1 version (black top and jeans while it should be red top and jeans miniskirt) also after getting the best ending and beating the game under 3h mark I didn’t receive INGRAM smg which is exclusive for pc version. One such bonus is Jill Valentine’s classic S.T.A.R.S uniform, a costume worn by the character during the events of the original Resident Evil.

Despite how little the duds each character is wearing impacts the game itself, multiple playthroughs of the campaign can be a lot more engaging for anyone that wants to change up the look of each playable protagonist. That’s right – you can unlock the costume and wear it throughout the campaign, acting like you never left The Spencer Mansion all those years ago. Despite providing a thorough report on the Umbrella Corporation and the incident at the Arklay Mansion a few months prior, Jill’s investigation has largely been swept under the rug. Setting out to put the wreckage of the city behind her once and for all, Jill runs headlong into one giant problem that all of her training and her harrowing experiences in the Arklay Mountains couldn’t prepare her for… Additionally, you will have an excuse to try out your newly unlocked costumes.

It’s the cheapest item on the menu by a wide margin, so you shouldn’t have any problem picking it up for yourself after a single playthrough. Note that on this costume selection menu you can switch between Costumes & T-shirts with the right shoulder button, and you can even switch between Billy and Rebecca with the Y button on Xbox / Triangle button on PlayStation. You’ll need to own and make sure you’ve downloaded the deluxe DLC pack before you can use them, but they’ll be available on your first playthrough (unlike the classic ones).