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You never know when you might hear that iconic, low rumble… As you are playing the JP version, I don’t know if that might vary somewhat. As previously touched upon, Resident Evil 2’s Deluxe Edition has several alternate costumes that are exclusive to the higher-end version of the game. As far as nostalgic players will be able to download a mod that gives Jill her original costume from the PS1 version of Resident Evil 3, whereas gives players access to the Battlesuit costume of Resident Evil 5. superman costumeOne of the best and insane costume mods though is the Jill Sandwich.

Retro – The retro costume comes along as DLC. Retro – You will get it as DLC. • Rebecca’s “Shadow of Fear” T-Shirt – How To Unlock: Part of the “Shadow of Fear T-Shirt” DLC. • Rebecca’s S.T.A.R.S. 1997 Costume (from Resident Evil 1: Director’s Cut with red colors) – How To Unlock: The default costume is available from the start of the game, as soon as you begin playing.

Upon startup of the game you’ll receive a message saying: “Obtained a special costume. You’re browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. The shop features a bunch of other cool items we’d recommend saving up for such as exclusive melee weapons and firearms, although these are a tad more expensive. Some of these costumes are nostalgic, while others are just bizarre. They tell Ada’s side of the story while also giving a clearer view of the story overall. The rules are fairly simple; you need to stay alive while making sure that the clock does not run out. To unlock Jill Valentine’s classic costume, you’ll first need to have cleared the campaign. Therefore, there is no new area; the map is reused from the campaign. Therefore, naturally, he does not have access to guns. These are the same campaign with slight variations, therefore, if think you have not gotten your money’s worth, you can try these.

Completing the campaign with Claire will unlock the costume that Leon first wore in the original Resident Evil 2 game. Contains the classic Jill costume and classic Carlos hairstyle, based on the characters’ appearances in the original Resident Evil 3. Note: You can change costumes from the Costume menu in-game. Resident Evil 2 already had a chunk of content in it, but they have also included the additional mode from the original game i.e. The 4th Survivor Mode. • Rebecca’s S.T.A.R.S. 1996 Costume (from original Resident Evil 1) – How To Unlock: The default costume is available from the start of the game, as soon as you begin playing. On the other hand, completing the game with Leon will unlock Claire’s alternate costume from the PS1 classic. Although most of the costumes are awarded to the Deluxe Edition holders of Resident Evil 7 Remake, you can still unlock the Classic Costumes for Leon for that nostalgic feel and an alternate costume for Claire, in case the red jacket was putting you off.