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15. Completed Chapter 3 – 1 (Bronze) Complete Chapter 3 – 1 on any difficulty setting. 46. The Works (Bronze) Chain the maximum number of combos together in one go. Raymond (FBC): Reach player level 10. Hand print bonuses ——————- Scan the indicated number of hand prints to unlock the corresponding bonus. Jessica (FBC): Reach player level 40. Jessica (Scuba): Complete all Raid mode stages under the Trench difficulty. Once you unlock the outfit for Raid Mode, you can wear it during the campaign. G18 Handgun (campaign) – Scan all hand prints.

Scan 15 hidden hand prints. A single player experience, Ada’s campaign features unique missions, gameplay and weapons which will provide answers to the unanswered questions from the first three campaigns. The Steel Beast Map is unlocked by beating Chris’ Campaign Story. Professional mode is available after beating the game once. Log In to add custom notes to this or any other game. After discussing some options with my friend and fellow modder ZombieAli I settled on the RPD helicopter pilot (clothes) for Marvin, adding Elliot Edward as an alternate costume for HUNK, taking Claire’s remaining “military” costume for Katherine, and using my custom created Assignment Ada costume for Ada. First Set – You don’t need to unlock the default costume.

However, some players prefer the Special Tactics and Rescue Service (STARS) outfit that Jill wears in the first Resident Evil, and this mod does just that. However, it makes sense for him to truly buff up and reach top physical peak after Wesker beats him up in Code Veronica. We are starting to think Chris became so buff just from walking around with this suit. Note: Costumes are also available in a complete pack please check previous purchases before buying. For volume 5 I was struggling to come up with which costumes I’d use though, Claire and Leon still had official costumes left to use, but for Ada, HUNK, Marvin, and Katherine it was a bit harder to decide what to do. To keep up with its theme, the Noir costume for both Claire and Leon will allow you to change your game’s colors to black and white. Coming in costume is the norm at the show, with amazing outfits roaming the floors of the hall, and the stage, as part of the Cosplay Masquerades.

One fan dressed as Iron Man – aka Tony Stark – in a full suit of armour while others braved the cooler weather and opted for skimpier – and leafier – outfits like Poison Ivy. Comic Con has long been one of the most popular speculative fan fiction conventions. Ironman, Poison Ivy and other intergalactic superheroes have all touched down on Earth for this year’s MCM Comic Con in Manchester. Thousands of sci-fans, gamers and comic collectors have descended on Manchester city centre for a return of MCM Comic Con – the world’s largest organiser of popular culture events. Over the course of the weekend, blockbuster stars and popular gamers are participating in a series of talks, Q&As and meet and greets. Among the stars in attendance at this weekend’s convention are Michael Rooker (Guardians of the Galaxy, The Walking Dead), Sean Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy, Gilmore Girls), and Amelia Rose Blaire (Detroit Become Human, True Blood).