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The first Resident Evil from 1996 allows you to pick between two different characters for the story: Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield. Resident Evil 5 comes with several interesting outfits for both Chris and his partner Sheva. The following list showcases his best of these looks and outfits. The redesign to make him look younger in Resident Evil 7, for example, is definitely not making it onto this list. The unlockable new maps are included in the list as well. The bandoliers are also a nice touch. Those that are unsure can just right click on the game in Steam and press “verify file integrity”. Hydra Shotgun ————- Successfully complete the game under the Normal or higher difficulty setting.

13. Completed Chapter 2 – 2 (15) Complete Chapter 2 – 2 on any difficulty setting. Morgan (Executive Suit): Complete all stages under the Trench difficulty with an “S” rank. Since many bemoan having to escort the president’s daughter, the suit of armor is a welcome change, even if it does look silly. Claire and Leon’s classic costumes return them to their blocky, PS1-era glory and should appease fans in search of an even large dose of nostalgia. Even if it was justified it will be hard for Ethan to not want to kill Chris. Chris seems to turn to the dark side in the most recent Resident Evil entry.

Tweet your Resident Evil memories! If we determine that a tweet may fall under one or more of the following categories, the tweet may be removed from the drawing and other measures may be taken, such as asking Twitter to delete the tweet. Today marks the 25th anniversary of the Resident Evil brand, and we have launched Resident Evil 25th Anniversary REMIND, a special campaign in which fans tweet their Resident Evil memories! Resident Evil official materials are now being distributed on the Campaign page. Those tweets will also be featured on a dedicated page at the Resident Evil Portal. Plus, the folks managing the Resident Evil brand official Twitter page will showcase selected submissions. If four lengthy campaigns aren’t enough for you in Resident Evil 6, the Mercenaries mode which is unlocked after you beat all the campaigns is there to keep you busy for more time.

In most guides I’ve found it says Real Survival doesn’t unlock until you beat Once More mode, but it unlocked immediately after a normal Chris playthrough for me. Also adds this outfit for Chris. We just hope no zebras were harmed in the making of this outfit. Post memorable Resident Evil scenes, Resident Evil-like moments you’ve seen in your town or city, cosplay photographs, or your own character illustrations. This mod replaces the Town Majini skins and Adjule skins with a scarier, bloodier version that takes the survival horror theme to the next level.